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In addition to helping individual learners achieve personal and professional goals, through a cost-effective group membership Walworth Memorial Library and the Share system now offer this to all library  card holders.  That’s the only catch you do need a library card and your pin number.

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Wisconsin County TSC Crash Mapping

On January 1, 2018 the Wisconsin Traffic Safety Commission pushed a button that made traffic accident data upload in almost real time to their community map database. This map is available to the public and allows people to see the locations and severity of accidents in their communities. For instance you can see the 81 accidents in Walworth County that resulted in fatality or serious injury in 2017.  Walworth County Public Health, as a part of the Walworth County Highway Safety Commission, would like to encourage you to share and use this  information.  The map is a great tool to help our communities understand the causes and work to prevent continuing injury from automobile accidents.

The above link will take you directly into the map.  






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