Summer Storywagon 2019

Summer Storywagon Performers

All of our performances are at 10:00 a.m. on Monday mornings. All ages are welcome!

June 10: Snake Discovery

Slither into the world of reptiles and discover how unique they are! We’ll
be ‘traveling’ around the world to meet reptiles from every continent
they’re found on. Learn what a legless lizard is, watch a snake eat, hold
a large boa constrictor, and more! There will be a large variety of scaly
critters to meet and learn about at this event. This hands-on program is
fun for all ages.

June 17: Magician, Great Scott

Get ready to blast off with Magician, Great Scott and his “Make Space
for Reading” show. Aliens, space ships and a ton of exciting magical fun
await. Don’t miss this great show.

June 24: Colossal Fossils

Wooly mammoths. Saber-tooth cats. Giant bears.
These are just a few of the dangers that humans may have encountered
when they first set foot on Wisconsin soil over 15,000 years ago. Join
Sean Sullivan, “The Mammoth Hunter”, as he tells the stories of these
people and shows how they survived this harsh environment. See real
working tools and musical instruments that are based off of historical
artifacts, and touch the bones from some of the most iconic Ice Age
animals that ever lived. This incredible program will captivate the minds of every age.

July 8: Fox and Branch Folk Duo

Fox & Branch perform a fun and interactive show of folk music for
families. Dave Fox plays fiddle, guitar and washboard and Will Branch
sings, plays guitar and the banjo. A Fox & Branch show is full of silliness
and lots of audience participation.
Fox & Branch will be mixing some fun stories in with their repertoire of
folk songs. Audiences will get a Chance to sing, dance and participate in
making some new lyrics to some very old songs, Children and adults
alike will enjoy themselves.

July 15: Racine Zoo

Meet wild animals that live in our own backyards. Learn how these animals survive and how we can act to help conserve their homes.

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