Internet Use Policy

The mission of the Walworth Memorial Library is to ensure that the patrons of the Library have the rights and the means to free and open access to ideas and information which are fundamental to a democracy. The Library will protect intellectual freedom, promote literacy, encourage lifelong learning and provide library material and information services.

The Internet as an information resource enables the Library to provide information beyond the confines of its own collection.  It allows access to ideas, information and commentary from around the globe.   As such, while the Library offers access to a wealth of material that is personally, professionally and culturally enriching to individuals the Internet also enables access to some material that may be offensive, disturbing and/or illegal.

Internet users need to be aware that they may find material in graphical or text formats that they consider offensive.  This includes sexually explicit material and materials of questionable accuracy.  When feasible the Library may implement control mechanisms to prohibit information which the Library has determined to be inconsistent with its mission, service roles and selection guidelines.  To this point usage of the Internet shall be governed by all applicable Local, State and Federal laws.  The Walworth Memorial Library does not guarantee the accuracy of information obtained via the Internet.  Because the Library is a public place, Library staff has the authority to end an Internet session at any time

A.    Library
1.    It is the staff’s responsibility to apply and enforce all rules and guidelines concerning Internet use, their judgment will determine unacceptable use or violations.
2.    Staff will provide general information to access the Internet, staff does not train users in computer/Internet use.
3.    Staff is not allowed to configure users’ laptop/handheld computers or computer related devices.
4.    Staff will not allow users use of the Internet to perform illegal activities; or to reach inappropriate material.  The Library cannot guarantee the privacy of any data the user transmits across our network.
5.    The Library assumes no responsibility for theft, damage or loss of any kind to a user’s equipment, software and data files or other personal property brought into and used at the library.
6.    Staff cannot guarantee that there will be an electrical outlet available, therefore charge your battery before coming to the Library.

B.    User
1.    Users must read the Internet Policy and sign the agreement and consent form.
2.    Users must present legal form of identification.
3.    Users must sign in at front desk.
4.    Maximum of one (1) hour per person is the rule, but staff may allot extra time at their discretion, but only when no other user is waiting.  When other users are waiting maximum time is thirty (30) minutes.  Game play on designated computers only with a maximum of thirty (30) minutes per day.
5.    Maximum of two (2) people at one time may use the Internet at any one station.
6.    Users are liable and financially responsible for any temporary/permanent damage to the Library’s computer or associated hardware/materials.
7.    Users agree that the Library will not be responsible for any indirect, consequential, special or punitive damages or losses which may arise in connection with such use.
8.    Users are not allowed to bring in their own software/drives etc.  Blank CD’s available for purchase from staff.  Saving any information on the computer’s hard drive is prohibited.
9.    Users will be charged for all materials printed, black and white or color – the charge is in direct relation to the cost of ink.  Printing is not available via the wireless connection.
10.    Users are responsible for any and all charges assessed while on-line.  Any fines, fees or penalties are the sole responsibility of the user.
11.    No food or drink allowed, and appropriate attire and footwear at all times.
12.    Parents allowing their children to access any computer network on the Library premises accept the responsibility to monitor and supervise their children’s access.  Parents must sign the User Agreement for their minor child, eighteen (18) and under.  All guidelines apply to minors as well.


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